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Criminal Lawyer Warns Of Social Media Posts And Banter That Can Jeopardize Your Case

By Your Arizona Lawyer on December 1, 2017

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Social media is now almost synonymous to freedom of speech. You can post almost anything you want on it while feeling a sense of security and privacy. However, social media is also a powerful source of information that investigators and prosecutors access and utilize nowadays. In fact, a study shows that 81% of law enforcement officials use social media in their investigations.

This is why any reliable Phoenix criminal lawyer will advise you to deactivate or stop using your social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar sites while dealing with your case. There are different ways that social media can harm your case, and you need to keep this in mind to avoid making the following mistakes.

Letting Emotions Get in Your Way

Many social media users take to social media when they’re emotional or angry. The problem here is that you may say something about your case that you might regret later. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to your lawyer instead of posting a status about it on your Facebook account. Remember that investigators can request social media companies to provide information about your account to collect evidence or just to have a feel of your character.

Deleting Content

Once you hit that post button, there’s no turning back. This means that even though you delete the content after a few hours, you can’t be sure that it hasn’t yet circulated. Some of your followers may have already took a screenshot of your post and shared it. Forensic technology experts can also recover deleted posts to use as evidence.

Getting Involved in Incriminating Posts

Even though you’re sure you hadn’t posted anything incriminating, other people might have. Your friends may have tagged or mentioned you in a post that could put you in the scene of the crime or show an activity or behavior that can tie you to the case. To be safe, ask everyone in your circle to avoid involving you in any of their posts.

While social media keeps you connected to important people in your life and updates you on what’s going on around you, it could also be your downfall. Listen to your lawyer and be careful of what you and your friends post while your case is pending

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