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Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence & Assault, DUI, Divorce, Child Custody

Criminal Defense

You deserve someone willing to stand up and fight for you.

Criminal charges are terrifying. Your Arizona Lawyer is dedicated to our clients faced with criminal charges. You’ll receive a thorough evaluation, dedicated strategies, and experienced attorneys committed to your case.

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Domestic Violence and Assault

Domestic Violence and Assault charges are serious offenses that often carry devastating penalties.

It’s always better to fight an allegation than to blindly accept a charge. The last thing you need are terms or conditions you don’t fully understand on your permanent record. Navigating the criminal court system is intimidating. Choose the lawyer who will fight for your rights and get you the outcome you deserve.

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A DUI charge can have a costly impact on your life.

Resolving your DUI isn’t a straightforward process. You deserve someone willing to stand up and fight for your outcome. Let Your Arizona Lawyer deal with the pressure and hassle of your DUI case. We work to limit the painful impact a conviction holds and fight to clear your name.

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