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Everything was smooth for the most part.
Brian A.
I saw them online, requested a consultation and someone called me within the hour! He helped immensely, gave me so much great information!
Kandice K.
Attorney Michael and his partners are great 👍
Naleye “Nalka/Yoseph” Y.
Attorney Michael and his partners are great 👍
Naleye Y.
I called Your Arizona Lawyer and right away they made me feel at peace. My Attorney was very aggressive and looked into everything.
David E.
My name is Earl Wesley Brewer Jr, and I would love to say, if you are looking for an attorney in a criminal matter, Your AZ Lawyer is in fact the best choice.
Earl B.
Frank really stuck with me, and always got back to me right away. I am so glad I went with him!!
Julie H.
I am happy with the result !
Patrick B.
Mr. Weinstein did a wonderful job. Straight shooter that gave realistic expectations prior to hiring. Definitely would recommend.
Avalyn E.
They were extremely helpful and patient with all the phone calls and questions I asked through out the process. Thank you Michael and Frank.
Krystal G.
Very experienced legal team.
Elizabeth B.
Frank, Michael, and Paul were amazing on my case. I was nervous and was unsure where to turn. I'm glad I found Arizona Lawyer.
Really good professional attorneys, I definitely recommend this firm to anyone needing assistance with a serious criminal matter!
Ashley S.
Michael and Eric were very professional. I would definitely recommend this firm for any serious criminal offenses. Best law firm in town!
Rebekah A.
This very experienced law firm is recommended by me and all of my friends thank you guys for doing amazing work for the community.
Jean W.
So amazing got the job done easily
Dom Bilodeau
My lawyer and his staff were amazing they were available 24/7 and always took the time to answer my questions.
Cindy G.
His honest straight forward approach was what we needed. Mr. Anjakos was more than willing to answer any and all concerns along the way.
Frank R.
Thank you for helping my sister fight her case! You guys rock!!
Todd F.
Very well organized & determined ! Hope I never need to use their number again, but definitely going to keep it on hand!!!
Mark F.
Very Professional law firm! I recommend them to anyone having a problem!Thank you Jim and your legal team
Hather S.
Maya and I have our lives back thanks to this legal firm! They listened to me and said, "We can beat this" and they did!
Joseph H.
Thank you for all your support during this exhausting situation. But most of all that k you for believing in me and fighting for me.
Mario C.
I hired this firm to help a very close friend of mine facing serious felony charges, they took my call on a Saturday late in the evening and provided guidance and informed me of all of my friends options.
Leah M.
Mr. Pittman went above and beyond for my boyfriend who was facing his first super extreme DUI, he not only got his sentence down from 120 possible days to only 9, but also had it dropped to just a extreme with the minimal fine imposed.
Allizona A.
Eric, Micheal, and Frank were absolutely amazing. Thank you guys so much. I will definitely recommend!!!!!
elizabeth B.
Michael and Eric were professional and worked very hard to achieve a desirable outcome for my case.
Andrew G.
I wasn't the best client due to my emotions during the legal process, but he was always patient, caring, and kind to me. Amen.
Tiffany D.
Picking Your Arizona Lawyer was one of the good decisions I ever made for myself. We finally settled that case and I got 1 day in jail.
Cornelius D.
He was an amazingly honest, ethical easy to get ahold of lawyer. Every time I had a question, he always took the time to respond to it.
Acaysha D.